How old do I have to be to use IGNIT?
You must be at least 18 years old.
What type of driver’s license do I need?
A driver's license is not required for riding a scooter, but you will have to have a valid group B driver's license to use a car. An AM, A1, A or B driver's license will suffice for the chopper.
What documents and information do I need to have when registering for a chopper or car?
To register, you will need a photo of your ID card and driver's license. Then you fill in your credit card details and a few other contact details such as address, email and phone number.
How long does the registration take?
Just a short moment. Download the application and fill out a short form. We will then check out and approve your profile, verification should not take more than 30 minutes, in extreme cases it may take up to 24 hours. If you need it quickly, do not hesitate to call the IGNIT customer line (+420) 733 323 223.
Do I need previous experience in driving a chopper?
You don't need any practice, the control and operation of the chopper is simple. Study the "Before the ride" section where you will find a lot of useful tips for the first ride.
Do I pay from the moment I register?
No! The first minute of each ride is free. It is important to us that you ride safely and have the time to properly fit your helmet and adjust mirrors. If you are driving for the first time, use the minute to get acquainted with the controls of the scooter. For example, where the brakes are, throttle, turn signals and so on.
What do I have to do before the ride?
Make sure you have your driver's license with you and check the following:
Are there any damages to the vehicles that are not reported in the app?
Did you find the safety helmet in your trunk?
If you see new damage or the helmet is missing, call us before driving +420 733 323 223 and write the damage in the notes section in the application.
How do I start the ride?
Follow these steps:
In the app, press RESERVE (you have 15 minutes to get to the chopper)
Unlock the chopper by pressing the SCAN button in the application and scan the QR code.
Take your helmet from the trunk and then take the chopper off the stand.
Press the right brake and you set off into the big city.
Where can I ride?
In our app, you will see a blue line that defines the operational area of ​​our service. This is the area where you can use our vehicles. This area is called the "IGNIT" zone. You can leave the zone while driving. However, you must return the vehicles back to the "IGNIT" zone after the ride, otherwise you may be fined for parking outside the zone.
What are the technical parameters of the chopper?
Engine: Electric
Performance: 1,27kW
Maximum speed: 45km/h
Range: 40km
Mass including battery: 103kg
Number of seat: 1
Mobile phone holder: with a USB socket
Where am I not allowed to ride?
A chopper is a motor vehicle, just like a car, and  therefore the same rules apply. This means that you cannot ride on sidewalks or cycle paths.
Can I take a passenger with me?
Unfortunately no, our chopper is for one person only.
Can someone else drive the chopper during my rental?
No! You are the only one authorized to drive the chopper, even if the other person is also an IGNIT user. Accident insurance only applies if you are the driver.
Can I charge my mobile phone during the ride?
Yes, all our choppers have a mobile phone holder and a USB connector. Just bring your own USB cable.
Can I temporarily park the chopper and use it again later without anyone taking it in the meantime?
Yes, you can put the chopper in standby mode by pressing the button in the app. The chopper in standby mode will cost you only 2.5 CZK / min, so no one else will take your chopper.
Where can I find the helmet?
You will find the helmet under the seat in a black box. Don't forget to put the helmet back after the ride and close the box.
I can’t start the chopper, what should I do?
If you managed to unlock the chopper but you can't start it, proceed as follows: Take the chopper off the stand Briefly press the brake on the right side, then the chopper should be active and ready to drive. If you still can't start the chopper, call for help at: (+420) 733 323 223.
How long does the battery last? How do I know how much battery is left?
A fully charged battery has a range of up to 70 km. Before driving you will see the battery status in the app after clicking on the icon "N" by the color of the letter "N". Green means almost fully charged, orange = charged 70-35%, red = charged 35 – 20%, while driving you will see it directly on the screen of the chopper.
Do I have to charge the chopper?
You don't have to worry about charging at all, we are happy to take care of that for you.
What do I do if there is a problem with the chopper?
Contact our IGNIT customer service at (+420) 733323223, or write an email to
What happens if my phone runs out of battery during the ride?
All our choppers are equipped with a USB connector, so if you have a USB cable with you, you can easily charge your mobile phone while driving. If your mobile phone still runs out of power, try to contact us at the customer line (+420) 733 323 223, secure the chopper on the stand and after 10 minutes, we will turn it off at your request. In this case, we recommend that you wait until the scooter turns off so that no one else can leave with the scooter during your rental time.
What traffic rules apply in my city?
When using this service, you must comply with the road traffic laws and the decrees of the City of Prague.
Where can I park the scooter or chopper?
You can only park in reserved parking spaces. You should park at the beginning or end of the zone and perpendicular to the pedestrian zone to leave room for other drivers. Always make sure you do not block other vehicles. If you want to park in the center of Prague, you can use the blue / orange / purple zones for free. Never park in a pedestrian zone or in places that are not intended for parking (eg on grass, etc.).
What happens if I park incorrectly and I get a fine?
You are obliged to follow the traffic rules. Therefore, you are responsible for any fines you receive during the rental period of our vehicles or for poor parking after the rental.
How do I end the ride?
To end the ride, proceed in the following order:
Make sure you're in the IGNIT zone
Secure the chopper on the stand
Put the helmet back in the trunk
End the ride in our app
Can I park in underground garages?
No. Neither the chopper nor the scooter must be parked indoors. Therefore, avoid underground garages, parking garages and other covered places. Instead, take advantage of free parking on the streets of Prague.
I can’t end the ride / return the chopper
Make sure you are in our IGNIT zone. Then check that you have completed all the return steps (stand, helmet in the trunk, closed trunk). The chopper also needs a strong enough GPS and GSM signal, so if you are in an area with a potentially weak signal (under trees, near tall buildings), try moving the chopper to an open area. If you still can't return the chopper, contact us at +420 733 323 223.